Pumpkin Picking

Ansty Farm Shop Pumpkin Picking

We’re open throughout October for the sale of our home grown pumpkins and squash.

For those not wishing to pick from our pumpkin field we have the pumpkin trailers bursting with colourful pumpkins of all shapes and sizes all ready pre picked outside of the Farm Shop.  You can simply turn up and choose from our great selection of ready picked pumpkins or squash without booking.

Pumpkin Picking, Pumpkin Games and Pumpkin ``Who dunnit``!

Pumpkin Picking 21

Bookings are now being taken.

A booking system is in place so we can maintain a safe and controlled environment.

How Pumpkin Picking and Games works this year:

  1. Phone us and book a timeslot and pay £6 per person for your pumpkin picking and games adventure.
  2. Arrive at the Farm 10 minutes before your timeslot and meet one of our friendly team at the Farm Shop entrance who will greet you and point you in the right direction for the beginning of your pumpkin adventure. They will also give you a small pumpkin, squash, or vegetable for you to use in the pumpkin games.
  3. Once you have completed the games and the trail you will find yourself in the pumpkin field. Please be aware that this is the actual field where the pumpkins are grown. There will be a lot of pumpkin plants crawling along the ground, the ground is uneven, the irrigation pipes are still in place lying on the ground and there maybe the odd stinging nettle! A real “on the Farm experience”.
  4. Please have fun choosing your pumpkins and squash but we ask that the pumpkins are handled very carefully and not dropped or kicked or thrown.  Given unfortunate past experience we reserve the right to ask groups to exit the field if people are not pumpkin friendly!
  5. Please bring your chosen pumpkins and squash back to the Farm Shop and one of our team will size the pumpkins and weigh the squash for you. Your entry ticket includes a £1 credit for your pumpkin or squash.  This will be deducted at the till once the pumpkin is weighed.

We accept cash or debit cards. Sorry no Mastercard or Amex.