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Maize Maze


Tueday to Saturday: 10am to 4pm

Sunday: 10am to 3pm


Great Summer Fun for the whole family!

Can you solve the maze? Crack the maize maze story and help the King save his Special Day?

We grow, design, cut and create an 8 acre maize maze each year for families and groups to enjoy a fun filled maize adventure! We have had lots of different themes over the years, such as the Olympics, Space, Farming, a Thank You NHS, a Pirate Adventure, and a Wild West Adventure. Since the pandemic we adapted our maize maze into more of a story based activity with things to find and puzzles to work out along the way to make it more engaging rather than the usual goal of finding the middle, and we can happily say it has been greatly received. Look out for updates nearer the time for our 2023 Maize Maze!

Maize Maze

Wild West 2022

Last year we had a Wild West theme which was great fun! It was all about finding golden nuggets across the desert, training wild horses, learning the cowboy lingo, and tracking down an outlaw!


Pirate Adventure 2021

Our pirate adventure was all about hunting down hidden gems, rhyming and solving riddles, learning how to speak and act like a pirate, and working out where and what the hidden treasure was!


Thank You NHS 2020

During the pandemic, we wondered what we could do to show our appreciation to NHS workers, so we created this maze as a thank you to those who risked their lives to take care of others. 

This maze had no dead ends to avoid bumping into people as you went around, and had fun activities to do as you walked through.

From each ticket we sold, we donated a percentage to the wonderful Stars Appeal Salisbury District Hospital's Charity, and were lucky enough to have The Earl of Pembroke open the maze to the public.

We raised a total of £1,618.70.

In and Around Our Mazes

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