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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an admission fee to do PYO?

No there is not an admission fee. We are a friendly team that likes to work on honesty and insist that there is no eating in the fruit fields whilst picking. We do have fruit available in the farm shop if you think that your fellow pickers will be unable to pick without eating. Picking fees will be added if our non eating fruit in the field policy is not adhered to.

Do we need to book for PYO?

No you do not need to book, but we do recommend phoning us prior to your visit so we can give you an update on what fruit we have available to avoid disappointment.

Do we have punnets available if we do not bring our own?

Yes, we do have punnets available for picking, so do not worry if you forget to bring a container or do not have one. We do recommend bringing a container if you can, to help reduce the need for extra packaging and encourage the reuse of already owned containers. 

What containers can we bring to pick fruit?

You can bring plastic ice cream tubs, bowls, jars, baskets, what ever you have in your cupboards at home that can hold fruit. We will need to weigh your container before you go out picking so that we don't charge you for the weight of the container, so please go into the shop first and find a member of staff to weigh your container.

What payment methods do we accept?

We accept cash and card payments on the premises.

Do we allow dogs?

Unfortunately we do not allow dogs on the premises, except guide dogs. The reason behind this decision is that we are a food production site and have fruit for immediate consumption growing all around the premises, therefore do not want to risk food spoilage.

Do we have baby changing facilities?

Unfortunately we do not have baby changing facilities on the premises.

Is there wheelchair access? 

We have a little ramp at the entrance to our shop which is wheelchair friendly. Our shop itself has fairly narrow aisles, but you can get a wheelchair around the shop and into our tea room.

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