The Maize Maze


Our Pirate Maize Maze 2021 is now open!

Can you solve our Pirate riddle, hunt down the hidden treasure and find the Pirate saying!

Great Summer fun for the whole family!

Last year we designed the maize maze with social distancing in mind and instead of our normal complex design of dead ends, twists and turns we created one large continuous loop! Still with loads of twists, plenty of turns but very few dead ends! This year we have designed our Pirate Ship maize maze inbetween our normal “difficult to solve” puzzle and last years “one continuous loop!  We’ve added more dead ends to last year but also with social distancing still very much in mind!  The maize has grown really well this year and is very tall! A real adventure awaits!

The 8 acre challenge is a great puzzle for the whole family. Navigate your way through the lost Island, head to the compass, climb aboard the giant Pirate Ship and walk through the stormy waves! When you’ve nearly solved our gigantic puzzle you can “walk the plank” and clamber up onto our huge viewing platform, where you can look around and see the true extent of the maize field.

Open NOW till the 19th September 2021.

(Harvesting dependent)!

£6 per person
3yrs – 4yrs £3
2 and under free

We recommend phoning or emailing to book a time slot.

Please note that the field is bumpy. The paths are wide enough for push chairs and wheelchairs, but the ground is uneven and it could be a little hard work! Sorry – no dogs. Please bring a pencil!

History of The Ansty Maize Maze” class=”ct-u-ff–2″ ct_u_color=”ct-u-colorYellow”]

This great local attraction started in 1999 and was one of the first Maize Mazes in the Country. We were growing maize to feed our dairy cows and K announced that she thought it would be a great idea to pull some of it out to create a maize maze! This had mixed responses with the rest of the family who were very dubious about pulling out some of the crop to make the pathways! It started in 1999 with a 2 acre pirate ship and over the years it got bigger and better and very popular.



How we designed the mazes

All the mazes were hand drawn on old fashioned squared maths paper. In later years this was then transferred on to CAD.

If there was a large national or international event we tried to theme the maze around that: Olympics, Jubilee years, The Queens Birthday, etc. The hardest maze we ever made was the Olympic Maze in 2004.

How we made the mazes

The very first year we made a large wooden square that was the correct size for one square on the maths paper! Then 4 people held the massive wooden square in the field whilst one person pulled out the relevant unwanted crop. The maze was 2 acres in size and took 6 weeks to make.
We then progressed into “the battleship” era, where the field was marked out with garden canes and fencing posts and we produced a grid system in the field. It was then possible to pull out square B9 and D2 as we went.
The last few years were done with GPS and we were able to accurately mark out all the pathways with just one person in 14 hours making the 8 acre puzzle.