Pick Your Own

Pick Your Own Fruit and Vegetables

Taste the Freshness. We grow a wide range of fruit and vegetables which are available for picking fresh from the field or selecting fresh from the Farm Shop.

You can not beat the taste or goodness of a freshly picked fruit or vegetable. Be it warm juicy strawberries or raspberries or tasty carrots, freshly cut asparagus and the delicious flavour of freshly dug new potatoes.

Our Fruit Picking Calendar

Here’s a selection of what we grow and roughly when it’s ready! Picking start and end dates are entirely dependent on the seasons!!  We are adding new lines all the time, so give us a call and check what’s in season!

Our Vegetable Calendar

Table-top Strawberries

A few years ago we changed the way we grew the strawberries and they are all now grown on tables.  This was for a variety of reasons. Primarily for easiness of picking.  Picking without bending!!  It is also excellent to get them off the damp ground in the predictable wet English summers!!  Easier weed and pest control.  We found over the years that fewer and fewer people were keen to pick your own when they were planted on the ground.  Now this has completely changed.  The fruit is much better quality and they are much easier to see and pick!

New Lines

We are continuously listening to customer requests and comments!  We have grown as a business because of it!  Customers say “Do you grow such and such?” and the next year we give it a go!  We have been trialing white and pink currants and also yellow raspberries.  Due to the successful trial on the yellow raspberries we have just planted a whole line ready for the Pick Your Own market this summer.