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Strawberries – getting less – more to ripen later in the season Loganberries – just beginning

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Picking News:

2021 PYO

The PYO fields are open!   It is always wise to give us a ring before you head out to check crop availability.  We would recommend that before coming to pick with us that you read the information below:

It is a very late PYO season this year! The interesting Spring wet, windy and frosty weather has pushed the season several weeks later than normal!

We are really trying to encourage fruit pickers to bring their own picking pots this year to try and reduce our use of packaging.

On arrival:

Customers will be asked to queue outside of the shop with the correct social distancing space between them.

A member of the team will weigh your container before you go picking.

Please only touch the fruit you intend to pick.  All fruit picked must be paid for. We are having quite a few problems this year with pickers picking strawberries and other berries and then discarding them in the middle of the rows.  We would be exceptionally grateful if this didn’t happen as a) please only touch the fruit you would like to pick, b) it is a waste of fruit and c) if they go off they will make all the unpicked fruit go mouldy and will also encourage the wasps.

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE HAVE A STRICT NO EATING OF FRUIT POLICY IN THE PYO FIELDS.  We do not allow any fruit to be eaten before it is paid for.

We ask that customers and pickers respect the current social distancing guidelines between themselves, staff and other customers whilst waiting outside of the shop and in the picking field.

We have been very mindful of the numbers of pickers in the PYO field at one time, but so far the picking lines have lent themselves very well to safe social distancing. As we have plenty of space outside there is no need to contact us and book a slot. Please be mindful when choosing the time that you come picking.

After picking:

Please head back to the Farm Shop and either wait patiently by the benches outside of the shop, or if there is space – come into mini shop on the left handside.  A member of the team will then weigh your punnets for you.

We strongly advise washing the fruit at home before you eat it.

Other useful information:

As always dogs are not allowed on the Farm, except assistance dogs.

If paying by card please note we prefer Debit card.

Pick Your Own Fruit and Vegetables

Taste the Freshness. We grow a wide range of fruit and vegetables which are available for picking fresh from the field or selecting fresh from the Farm Shop.

You can not beat the taste or goodness of a freshly picked fruit or vegetable. Be it warm juicy strawberries or raspberries or tasty carrots, freshly cut asparagus and the delicious flavour of freshly dug new potatoes.

Our Fruit Picking Calendar

Here’s a selection of what we grow and roughly when it’s ready! Picking start and end dates are entirely dependent on the seasons!!  We are adding new lines all the time, so give us a call and check what’s in season!

Our Vegetable Calendar

Table-top Strawberries

All of our strawberries are grown on elevated beds – most at “standing up to pick” height!  This not only makes picking much easier but also produces a much better quality fruit.   Picking without bending!!

New Lines

We are continuously listening to customer requests and comments!  We have grown as a business because of it!  Customers say “Do you grow such and such?” and the next year we give it a go!  Hence the pink and white currants now in the PYO field and the yellow raspberries!