News for April 2015

Picking News

The Rhubarb is growing really well! Now is the time to freeze down for the winter months! We are also picking delicious purple sprouting, celeriac, spring greens, artichokes, onions and daffodils. Plus there is still a good selection of spuds. Potatoes for roasting, mashing or dauphinoising!

Chicken News 

The new girls have arrived and have started laying their delicious small pullets eggs. Don’t miss them as before we know it they will be up to normal size!! The large eggs are still on offer of buy 2 boxes for £3. We still have superb laying hens for sale and also one pullet for sale in need of a good solo home. It’s a very cute little hen but the others seem to have taken a disliking to her. Maybe it’s because she is a lot lighter in colour than the rest. At the moment we have taken her away from the rest and have rehomed her with Harold the bantam and his ladies!


Keep an eye out for the sign! We should start picking fairly soon weather dependent!!

New Goodies

New gluten free range. Jackie has taken stock of lots of new gluten free products for all our lovely customers who are gluten free. We are also going to trial a gluten free bread after Easter. Check out our new gluten free table!

Other new products this month are pitta breads, polenta, Miles hot chocolate

Easter Present Ideas

Jams and Chutneys Olives



Lap trays Place mats Notice Boards White boards Cake or Puddings! Simnel Cake

Bunches of Daffodils Hens or fresh eggs

Ansty Kitchens

K has been trying to keep up with the cooking as well as the pruning! Cakes are whizzing out at the mo. K’s traditionally made brandy soaked marzipanned Simnel cakes are now in the shop. Plus the delicious and exceptionally popular Easter biscuits made with an age old family recipe. Pudding orders are constantly coming in for Easter – Thank you! This week we will be making chocolate ganache pudding, chocolate rum truffle torte, bacon and cheese quiche, roulades galore and many more Easter treats!! We will be making our delicious hot cross buns fresh on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Farm News 

K has been manically trying to do all the Spring pruning. It is a bit of a race against time as despite the wind all the bushes are leafing up nicely. We have almost finished in amongst cooking, school runs and general end of term activities! Jade has started to tidy up and decrown the main crop strawberries. Then we need to check all the raspberry lines for loose canes and prune out any short canes. The early strawberries have been taken off the high benches and put onto the low ones and they have been all covered to help them fruit early. This year we are trialling a new method. Half the rows we have fleeced and covered in perforated plastic and half we have just covered in plastic. This hopefully should bring on 4 rows a little earlier. We will see – that’s if the wind stops blowing and doesn’t keep trying to blow the sheets away!! The early spuds have been planted aswell as all the onion sets. We are trying to grow some shallots from seed this year. So we will wait to see how they turn out! Ellie has been busy weeding and tidying up the blueberry pots. There again the wind is not helping keep the blueberry pots upright either!! PS: Don’t mention the new trampoline we got for Georges Birthday. We put it up on Saturday morning and by Sunday lunch time it had taken off over the pigs. Thankfully no damage to the pigs but loads of damage to the new trampoline!!!!

New Shop Counter

People may have noticed a slight change in our shop appearance as of Monday! We have put in a new work top on the counter! We are just about to install a new till system. More modernised and more efficient and hopefully reduce customer waiting time especially on Saturdays! Please be patient with us though for a few weeks as we install the new system as there will undoubtedly be a few hiccups and learning curves! We will also be introducing a customer “thank you” card, where points can be redeemed for our monthly offers!

Veg Seeds and Plants

Di has grown some wonderful broad bean, sweet pea and tomato plants. We still have a few seed potatoes and onion sets for sale. As well as a good selection of Mr Fothergill’s Vegetable and Flower Seeds.


We have a good stock of multi purpose compost in our new outside shed.

Events Pin Board

Saturday 21st March Quiz and Curry evening. Swallowcliffe Village Hall. 7.30pm. Tickets from Caroline on 871343

Saturday 11th April - Life in Parliament The Rt Hon Sir George Young Bt CH MP and Sir Peter Jennings CVO

Saturday 18th April - Barn Dance at Swallowcliffe Hall in aid of The Guide Dogs Wednesday 22nd April Lunch with Rosemary Squires. 12.45pm Hinton Hall