News for July 2014

Picking News 

Strawberries and Gooseberries are in full and amazing pick. Very easy picking! Because they are so abundant they are both on special offer of pick 4kg and only pay for 3kg. Due to it being so warm (and we are not complaining!), it has ripened them very quickly, as a result the PYO season on both will be quite short. So please pick, pick, pick now!! Raspberries are also on main stream pick. They are wonderful quality and picking is really easy going. Perfect for munching now or excellent for freezing down for the winter months. Also in peak pick are loganberries, blackberries, white currants, pink currants, black currants and red currants. Slightly lagging behind but following soon are the tayberries and we are just about to start picking blueberries.


Our freshly dug new potatoes are delicious – that freshly dug, earthy taste. Broad beans are also on main pick. We had four different plantings and we are now on planting 3. The Asparagus season has now come to an end for this year. What an amazing crop it has been this year. One day (just happening to be K’s birthday!), it took 3 hours to pick!!! Thanks to all who enjoyed it. If anyone needs any asparagus bits for cooking with or souping please ask at the counter as we have a little in the freezer. We also have fresh in the shop globe artichokes and spring greens. Rhubarb is back on stream aswell – fresh in the shop or PYO.


The new girls are laying well. We have a plentiful supply of medium eggs at the mo. Whilst in abundance they are £1.45 per box or £1.20 per box if you buy 2 boxes. Although they are working hard – they are a little slow at increasing in size from mediums to large. The yolks are an amazing colour. We still have a few hens available for sale. If interested please ask in the Farm Shop.

Ansty Kitchens - Cooking News

It’s still cakes and roulades galore! We have a couple of new cakes on the bake list – sticky orange cake, sticky lime cake and a vanilla sponge with a fudge topping. All the cake slices seem to be whizzing out – especially Nannie Nellies biscuit cake, caramel shortbread, flapjacks and Eccles cakes. We are trying to keep up with quiches and meals. We’ve been making hundreds of scones for different events! K has also been experimenting with dried fruits. Our dried sliced strawberry is delicious – as a snack or for cooking with.

Summer Gardening

We have plenty of local compost available in small, medium and giant bags. Plus garden canes: 4, 6 and 8 feet. Not forgetting plenty of local charcoal for all that summer BBQ’ing

The Fovant Lung buster

Organised by Team.Bravura.

Start and Finish at Ansty Farm Shop 

Distance. 15 Miles.

Total Climb. Approximately 2040 ft. 

Time & Date. 10:00 20/7/2014.

Cost. Athletes affiliated to an athletics club/TRA - £30. Unaffiliated athletes £32 (10% Discount for military personnel). Athletes can either enter online or by returning a completed entry form along with a cheque made payable to Team Bravura Ltd.

For more info head to the Team.Bravura website.

Farm News 

Planting galore! The pumpkins are all snuggly planted in black plastic sheeting to help with the weed control. Grass cutting is a constant job! Caulis, purple sprouting and sprouts are all planted. The new tayberry plants are all in and being irrigated daily. The runner beans are growing up our runner bean fence. Robin even rabbit, deer and pigeon proofed it – or tried any way!! The grass field has been cut and was baled late last night!

Village Events

Sunday 6th July - Fovant Badges Society

Annual Drumhead Service.

Saturday 26th July – Family fun and ferret racing. 5pm – 10pm. Sans Farm Barns, Donhead St Andrew


Pomme, Dotty and Patrick are wallowing well. We have decided to keep the last 5 piglets and are fattening them up here. So if anyone is interested in 1⁄2 a pig when the time comes please let us know. Depending on weight we are looking at October’ish.


After our comments in the last newsletter, we didn’t get too much positive response back for the new recycling bins. So we think we will not go ahead with installing new ones (at a cost!). But apparently 4 recycling centres have been/are being returned in Wiltshire, including Tisbury and Mere.

Jackie, Di and K’s recommendations of the month!

Di recommends the huge Peters Yard Crisp breads – perfect for a bit of a wow at picnics – just break and share!

Jackie really likes our new range of little bits from Stow Green – tiny chopping boards, little biscuit plates, tiny tea bag plates and egg cups!

K is loving Buttercup and Daisy Ice cream – in particular Mango & Passionfruit, Chocolate and of course, Strawberry!!

Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show

Wednesday 20th August – a hugely popular local event and a great day out for the whole family. We will have advanced tickets in the Shop that are cheaper than on show day, especially good savings for families! Another huge advantage of buying advanced tickets is that you do not need to queue for tickets on Show Day and can pretty much walk straight in!

Adult £12 (£14 on the day)

Seniors £10 (£11 on the day)

Family £29 (£35 on the day)

Junior £3 (£4 on the day)

House Update

The house is still coming along well!! We are getting some wonderful comments. Thank You! The scaffolding is now down and the floor is being screed on Saturday!

Taste of the West Results

Hot off the Press!!!

We have literally just found out that we have received a silver award for our white 5 seed loaf and a bronze for our chocolate brandy truffle torte. Not as good as last year, but still a good result!!

Shop Entrance Spruce Up!

We are currently having a little tidy up and decorating done in the porch entrance. So please forgive the appearance for a week or two whilst work is in progress. The work will be carried out when we are closed on a Sunday and Monday, so wet paint shouldn’t be a problem!

May is Mustard Month!

Ansty Farm Shop and Tracklements are having a May Mustard Month. If you buy 2 pots of mustard you can have a free fridge magnet! Various mustards will be on tasting trial and also there will be some bargain taster pots available for only 25p! (All available while trial stocks last!). Also we have a fantastic 3 kg pot of wholegrain mustard as pointed out by Jackie!! At the end of mustard month we would like to use said pot to raise some pennies for charity. Any ideas on the best way to raise the maximum we can on this wonderful eye catching pot? Suggestions so far are to have a sharing day – where everyone comes with their own pots and we decant the mustard for a donation. Another is to raffle it. Another random idea from my husband was to photograph said pot in different locations, eg on top of Snowdon whilst doing the three peaks challenge, and other exciting venues! Not sure how this raises money, but hey ho!! Thoughts please! Alternatively - is anyone having a big summer BBQ or wedding and would like to make a donation? We could open up an auction!

Wine, Beer and Cider

K is currently applying for her Personal Licence Certificate to be able to sell alcohol, after successfully passing the course and getting CRB checked! As soon as we have that we can then apply for a premise licence for the Shop. Hurrah! We are busy trialling cider at the mo but if anyone has any recommendations for local wines, beers or ciders, then please let us know. Thank You.